Sunday, January 11, 2009

into the antarctic

Last night we crossed the antarctic circle and have pretty much lost
all hope of darkness for the next month and a half. The ocean is
full of icebergs and relatively flat, and I woke up this morning to a
light snowfall and winds from the northeast. We're hoping to hit the
sea ice edge at some point later today, and the sea ice scientists
are starting to get antsy...

Not much CTD activity today, it looks like we'll have one at 11pm,
near the end of my shift. In general, for jobs aboard the ship where
work may need to be done 24 hours a day (like CTD casts), two people
are assigned with 12 hour shifts. On NBP0901, I'm working the 12pm
to 12 am CTD shift. Over the past week, I've been retooling my
schedule to fit the meals and sleeping patterns to that shift. It
hasn't been a lot of work. It was harder on 0702, where I worked
from 3am to 3pm. With the 24 hour sunlight, it was easier than if I
was, but waking up was never easy. Actually waking up is never easy
for me. I slept in today.


  1. So, was there a "line?" Did you have a little ceremony or is that strictly reserved for Equator crossings?

  2. Is the 'calmer' weather a result of your location or the churny cold stuff has passed?