Sunday, February 8, 2009

the ice tower

is located above the bridge on the NBP, up three ladders. It is by
far my favorite place to spend some time for work or reflection, and
it is where I'm sitting now working on a "science" talk for the ship
that I just found out I'm giving in a day or a half. I'm about 75
feet or so above the water, and taking in a spectacular 270 degree
vista of water and ice. (Couple of emperors hanging out on a floe to
the port side.) It gets a little shaky and tippy up here in ice and
high seas, but it's worth it. Also it affords some privacy
sometimes, which is hard to come by on a 300 foot ship with 50 or so
people on it.

We're heading Northeast now toward where we entered the Amundsen Sea,
which has inspired a sense of the cruise drawing to a close, even
though we still have about 3 weeks left before we return to PA.
Also, most of the activity over the next few weeks will be focused
around moorings and sea ice. So in a way it's an ideal opportunity
for me to reflect on the new information and ideas I've seen on the
ship and integrate them into my thesis -- or at least plan for how I
can use them in future research. Hopefully the presentation will
help me with that as well!

(Couple more emporers swimming to port -- much cooler than seeing
them on ice -- they "porpoise", jumping out of the water just like

Anyway, I've found it hard to focus on my thesis work up to this
point with all the more pressing activities -- and the hope of using
my ocean model for a worthwhile porpoise while on the ship. Despite
the fact that I have less to do around the ship, today has been a
positive sign that I'm still able and motivated to continue the work
I left behind...


  1. Thesis-es are so distracting from life! The kids are chewing through your CTD data and I should have info for you on thier persepctives on Tuesday when I get thier papers back. In the meantime- the lessons for IPY will be live as of Friday. Again, thank you.

  2. Hey Chris--I'm glad you get the chance to stop and think every once in a while; the thesis will be fine, I know. Dad