Thursday, February 5, 2009

still waiting

(15 minutes or so) to get on the ice. But, in the meantime, I got
word from the chief scientist that it's OK for DT and class to use
those two CTD profiles from NBP0702 for your IPY activities. We'd be
interested in hearing what you're up to and how you use them. Also
I'd be interested if you and your class have any comments or insight
on the profiles. e.g. How do they differ from the California
Current? Where is most of the heat that can melt ice? But any
thoughts you have would be interesting.

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous! We've been busy all week working with a camera on the ISS - so I must apologize that we haven't been as dutiful in following your posts. We've been taking photos of coastal glacial landforms and found some really interesting things along the St. Laurence. We have a couple of meetings this week with the kids who sent a project to AGU in December and I’ll get their feedback on your questions. We’ll use it with the entire set of classes (all 220 students) later next week. As soon as the activities go “live” We’ll forward the link to the IPY Oceans site as well.

    We noticed that you mentioned your orange safety suits. Does that mean you “see orange people” when you are out on the ice?