Monday, February 23, 2009

weather=better, but not good

Meteorological Situation at 230900Z: A 942 mb dynamic low pressure
system is located near 63S 089W with an occluded frontal system
spiraling inwards to its center. Your track lies about 120 nm north
of the occlusion. This Low is moving southeast and is forecast to be
located near 65S 084W at 231800Z with a central pressure of 945 mb;
forecast to continue moving southeast and located near 66S 072WS at
241800Z with a central pressure of 954 mb. A trough upstream will
move east and over your track at 241200Z.

2. 24 Hour Forecast commencing 231800Z along estimated track from
58.5S 089.0W on a course of 325T/07.0kts as indicated reference A:
A. Sky/Weather: Mostly cloudy with few moderate rain showers,
becoming cloudy with scattered moderate rain showers at 241200Z.
B. Visibility (NM): Unrestricted, except 1-3 in periods of
C. Surface Wind (KT): WNW 45-55; decreasing to WNW 30-35 at 240000Z;
decreasing to WNW 25-30 at 240600Z.
D. Max/Min Temperature (C): 7/6.
E. Sea Surface Temperature (C): 4.7, increasing to 5.4 at 241800Z.
F. Combined Sea (FT): WNW 33-39; abating to WNW 18-24 at 240000Z;
further abating to WNW 13-17 at 240600Z; decreasing to WNW 12-15 at
G. Ice accretion (cm/hr): None.

3. Outlook to 48 hours: The trough over your track will pass to the
east by 250000Z; however, another trough, associated with a 981 mb
Low near 58S 087W at 251200Z, will begin affecting weather over your
track. Winds WNW 25-30 knots at 241800Z; veering to NW 25-30 knots at
250600Z; then backing to WNW 30-35 knots at 251200Z. Combined seas
WNW 12-15 feet at 241800Z; building to NW 15-18 feet at 251200Z.//


  1. "WOXOF"
    Weather clouds, Visibility obscured, Fog

    (Old Air Force term)

  2. The kids were wondering if your"stuff" was timed as it fell off the table? The other question was did it all land exactly in the same spot?